Cycling Across Canada
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A brief Introduction

It had been a dream of mine to ride across Canada for well over a decade, things got in the way, as they often do. Instead in the meantime I scoured the internet for accounts about others following the same dream as mine. My dream never died, quite the opposite occurred in fact. As I read each new account of the journey my dream intensified, it eventually became more then a dream, it became a MUST.

As the years passed by, I read accounts that excited me, that thrilled me, that made my hair stand up on end, and a couple that had me close to tears. The emotions each rider experienced were always raw and real, the trip was never scripted. Each tale unique, each journey personal, each story had something to share.

When I finally had the privilege to cycle across this great country, I went with the experience and the knowledge those who went before me. I remembered parts of the journals I read before and although my experience was personally unique I still felt a common bond with everyone that has gone before, or will follow after me.

There is a community out on the road every summer, it rolls east to west, west to east, north to south and somewhere along the line its members will meet. I can not recall a single journal that did not have cross Canada cyclists bumping into each other. Its one of the greatest pleasures of the trip. If you read the series of journals from the 2005 crop of cyclists( Or any given year), you'll see the connections on the road. Six Degrees of Cross Canada Cyclists. In the second largest country in the world, over thousands of kilometers of road, we will find each other eventually.

It is my hope that this site will become a useful resource for other members of the undefined club. There is much to learn from others, and much to share.

Andrew Ross
Tofino, BC - Cape Spear, Nfld - 2005